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Century Direct Web Tutorial

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Simple Steps to Using Bulk Mailer


Go to Admin Home and select the Bulk e-Mail Marketing icon.  Once in Bulk Mailer complete the following 5 steps.


  1. Preferences
    1. Add up to 3 custom fields of information for your email addresses
    2. Enter an email address that will receive notification with a Bulk Mailer Job has been completed.
  2. Create Distribution Lists
    1. There must be at least one distribution list
    2. This list will contain emails of individuals with common interests
  3. Add email addresses
    1. Only 3 fields required

                                                              i.      Email address

                                                             ii.      First Name

                                                           iii.      Last Name

    1. Attach addresses to Distribution List
  1. Create a Mailer
    1. This is the actual email that will be sent to individual email addresses that are a part of a specific Distribution List
    2. You may uses fields from the data in your email address list to be merged into your Mailer.
  2. Submit a Job
    1. This is where you actually send out your emails
    2. Five simple steps

                                                              i.      Choose who the email will come from.  NOTE:  by choosing the list serve option all bad email addresses will be automatically managed.

                                                             ii.      Enter a reply to address

                                                           iii.      Pick a day / time for the emails to be sent.  The system defaults to the current day / time

                                                          iv.      Select a Mailer that will be used for this Job

                                                            v.      Select a Distribution List that will be merged with the selected Mailer




          Set up a page on your web site that allows visitors to sign themselves up to receive email for a specific Distribution List.


          Go to Edit Menu and add a new page.  Choose the "mailer opt-in" page type.  Once the page is added, go to Edit Special and select a distribution list, select any fields that you do not want to display (hidden) and select any fields you want to be required.