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How much does it cost and how do I pay for my site?

For the Standard package where you update your own website, the cost is a one time setup fee of $100 and a monthly fee of $40.  You may pay via credit card or an automatic withdrawal from your bank account.  After the initial charge we will automatically debit your account every 30 days.


What if I don't want to offer all the Century products on my site?

No problem, we allow you to deselect entire categories of products or just one product at a time.  Only the items you choose will be displayed on your site.


Can I discount products through my website?

You bet.  We give you great flexibility in how you price the products you are selling on your site.  You can apply a discount to an entire category of products or just one product at a time.  In addition, you can use coupon codes to offer a special discount to anyone you choose from new students to members of your black belt club.  Finally, you can bundle products together and apply discounts to the bundle as well.


Can students sign up for a class / program on my site?

Yes, we provide an online form they can fill out and an email is automatically sent to the class instructor or anyone of your choice.


When students buy a bundle on my site can they also pay for the class / program as well?

No, currently only Century products can be purchased through the ecommerce feature.


What if I already have a website but want to sell the Century products over the web?

For a small additional fee our customer support personnel can work with you to get all the information on your current site transferred over to a new Century Direct site that will not only be easy to update and maintain but will allow you to offer our products online.


How do I know who has bought products on my website and when do I get paid my portion of the sales?

We provide you with a rolling 30 day report that shows all your orders and we will cut you a check every month.


Can I get my own domain name / custom website address?

Yes, if you already own a domain name all you have to do is transfer it to point to our servers, click here for more details.  If you want to purchase one it's only $29.95 per year.  Give us a call and will get you set up.


Is there a long term contract associated with your offer?

NO!  We are so confident this will benefit your business you may cancel anytime.  The service is on a month to month basis.


What if I have a question or need help?

You can always email our support organization at support@cmasdirect.com or give us a call toll free at 1-866-492-6296 ext 220.


Can I update my site once it is created?

Yes, you can update your site 24 hours a day from any computer that has a connection to the Internet.  All you need is your user id and password.

Can I put my own pictures on my site?

Yes, you can upload your own photographs or other images directly to your site in the Edit Content section of the Administration area.


How will people find me on the Web?

By placing your web address on your business cards, letterhead, and sales literature.  In addition, we provide a site promotion feature that will automatically submit your site to major search engines.


Can I upload my logo?

Yes, your site will come with your name and address information already pre-loaded.  If you have a custom logo you can easily add it to your site through our simple to use Administration area.


How many pages can I have on my website?

You can add as many pages as you would like for no additional charge.


Can I limit who can see certain information on my site?

Yes, you can designate any page as a private page and assign a username and password to only those individuals you want to access the private pages.

When I add something to my cart it is still empty, why?

The reason your cart is empty is because you must enable cookies in your browser in order to properly manage the items in your shopping cart.

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